Wholesale Price Citral Essential Oil cas 5392-40-5 cosmetic grade 99% citral Oil

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Product Name: Citral
Extract Method:fractionation
Packaging: 1KG/5KGS/Bottle,25KGS/180KGS/Drum
Shelf life: 2 Years
Extract Part: Lemongrass oil or  litsea cubeba oil
Country of Origin: China
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct strong sunshine

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Pharmaceutical raw materials
Daily chemical industry


Citral is separated from lemon grass oil or Litsea cubeba oil by fractionation or bisulfite method. It is obtained by oxidation of geraniol, nerol or linalool in the presence of chromic acid. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in all aspects that need lemon aroma. It is an important spice of lemon, odorless wood essence, artificial lemon oil, lemon oil and orange leaf oil. It is a raw material for synthesis of Ionones and methyl Ionones. It can also be used to cover up the bad smell in industrial production. It can also be used in ginger, lemon, white lemon, sweet orange, pomelo, apple, cherry, grape, strawberry and spice. Wine flavors are also available.

The role of citric acid is used in the preparation of artificial lemon oil, citrus oil, and other citrus flavor, fruit flavor, cherry, coffee, plums and other food flavor, but also widely used in tableware detergent, soap, toilet water additives.Citral is a raw material for synthesis of violetone, methyl violetone, dihydrodamarone, etc.As an organic raw material, it can be reduced to citronellol, neroline and geraniol.It can also be converted to limononitrile.It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to make vitamins A and E and is also used as A raw material for chlorohydrin.





Yellow liquid with fresh lemon flavour.

Relative density (20/20℃)


Refractive index (20℃)


Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Flash point




Benefits & Functions

Prevention and control of stored grain pests and food pests

To prevent health pests

Sterilization and mildew

Prevention of crop diseases


Effectively Used as insecticide;

Food spices.For the preparation of lemon flavor

Used in the manufacture of citrus spices.

For the synthesis of ionone (synthetic vitamin A raw materials), citric acid,

methyl ionone, hydroxy citronellal aldehyde, isophorol, dihydro-ketone and other compounds.

For antibacterial and pheromone functions.

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