Peppermint Oil

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Product Name: Peppermint Oil
Extract Method:Steam Distillation
Packaging: 1KG/5KGS/Bottle,25KGS/180KGS/Drum
Shelf life: 2 Years
Extract Part: Leaves
Country of Origin: China
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct strong sunshine

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Peppermint oil an aromatic oil distilled from the fresh stems and leaves of the labiform plant mint or menthol.It has the effect of draining wind and clearing heat.Treat external wind heat, headache, red eyes, sore throat, toothache, itchy skin.Peppermint has a very strong bactericidal and antibacterial effect, often drink it can prevent viral colds, oral diseases, make breath fresh.Gargle with mint tea to prevent bad breath.Steam the surface with mint tea mist, still have the effect that shrinks pore.Tea leaves on the eyes will feel cool, can relieve eye fatigue.Widely used in spices, beverages and candy, etc.Used as a spice in toothpaste, tobacco, cosmetics and soap;The mosquito repellent effect is remarkable, used for mosquito repellent.


Pharmaceutical raw materials
Insect repellent
Food additives
Daily chemical industry

Food flavor, used for soft drink and candy;

Used as fragrance in toothpaste,tobacco,cosmetics and soaps.

Drive mosquito; used for sunscreen, get rid of wrinkles and fade skin,scars


Items Standards
Characters colorless to faint yellow liquid ,with cool
Special peppermint fragrance,smell from
pungent to cool
Relative density (20/20℃) 0.890 — 0.908
Refractive index (20℃) 1.457—1.465
Specific optical rotation
  -15°— -24°
Solubility (20℃) 1 volume of sample mixed with 4 volumes of 70% (V/V) ethanol, show as a clear solution
Assay Total alcohol Content≥ 50%

Benefits & Functions

Increases immunity & blood circulation;
Nourishes dull skin & improves texture of oily skin;
Eliminates nausea & headache;
Eliminates bad breath & keeps teeth & gums healthy;
Effective for gastroscopy & colonoscopy;
Promotes healthy hair growth;
Functions of antiseptic antiphlogistic analgesic efficacy etc

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